Great Unwashed – Winter Classic

In the same spirit of Staten Island collaboration, I teamed up with a number of other Staten Island music lovers to try to start a music vlog: Pat Duffy, blogger for Pop Tarts Suck Toasted, Kevin Spinner, live audio engineer whose mixed big names all over NYC including many shows at McCarren Pool, Kevin Devlin of the comedy troupe Mancrush, and graphic designer Matt Accardo who can make water into unsweetened iced tea.  As we were trying to come up with names, I had approached Sean Kuhl about doing this renegade shooting style to capture the serendipitious nature of live music, but in unconventional spaces.  He suggested in the hallway of an old building in Staten Island.  So we hauled our equipment into their building, setup shop in one of the side rooms, and just let the camera roll.  I really started falling in love with this mise en scene way of shooting cause its easy, and there is something untangiblely organic about it.  It forces the viewer to fall into what its like to be in that space.


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