Cymbals Eat Guitars – Martini Red – Staten Island,NY

I had heard that RJ from Pitchfork Media was interested in the Staten Island music scene.  Skeptical of such a rumor, I dismissed it until a few days later, I heard that Pitchfork was filming Cymbals Eat Guitars on the roof of a friend of mine on Van Duzer St.  This was unbelievable.  A worldwide purveyor of popular indie music was right in my hometown of Staten Island. I had heard of Cymbals Eat Guiatrs through a couple of friends, but figured that they would be another great band overlooked by New York.  I’m so glad I was wrong.

For those who might not be aware, many great bands on the island have been trying very hard to breakout of the negative stigma that Staten Island doesn’t have good music to offer New York city.  Besides the rise of popularity of Ingrid Michaelson and the Budos, most New York music listeners won’t be able to hear some great indie music from Staten Island either because its a far commute or because many bands just aren’t able to get the radio play on alot of new york stations.  The advent of having RJ come to Staten Island bodes well for the future of Staten Island indie music.

I filmed Cymbals Eat Guitars playing a show with other island bands Paragraph and the Great Unwashed.


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