About Geoff Celis

Geoffrey Celis has been in and around the world of film and television production since 2000.  From national cable networks and film companies, to independent short films and sketches, Geoffrey Celis has been exposed to the volatile environment of movie making.

Since 2002, Geoff has been filming live concerts and special events in some of New York City’s biggest and respected venues.  Geoff has filmed musicians such as The Rolling Stones, Muze, Tony Bennett, Alicia Keys, Gwen Stefani, the Jonas Brothers, Elton John, Rod Stewart, Lenny Kravitz, and the Flight of the Conchords in such venues as Radio City, MSG, Cipriani’s, Lincoln Center and Rockefeller Center.

In 2004, he launched the production company Starview Productions, a company that has been a meeting ground for artists to collaborate and produce a variety of visual pieces. He has produced and directed seven music videos for flourishing artists such as  Happy Anarchy, Belt, Andrew Philip Tipton, and Boy Genius as well as more established musicians such as Black Sheep and Ingrid Michaelson. He  produced many sketches and videos with the comedy troupe Ice Cream Socialists, as well as the show pilot for the comedy troupe “The Tenderloins” who have gained viral popularity on the internet.  The Tenderloins pilot show was screened at the 2009 New York Television Festival.

In 2007, Laura Moss and Geoff Celis collaborated in producing the award winning featurette “Rising Up: The Story of the Zombie Rights Movement,” starring Kevin Allison of MTV’s “The State” and MAD TV’s Phil Lamarr. The film won Best Direction in 2009 Boston International Film Festival and was distributed by Sony Pictures on their online site Crackle.com in conjunction with “Zombieland.”

As an advocate for Staten Island’s beurgeoning art scene, Geoff co-founded the community based arts and musicians organization SICOLAB (Staten Island Collaboration) in 2007.  SICOLAB acts as a network and resource for artists and musicians to come together and assist each other in creative endeavors while raising awareness of the artistic community in Staten Island.  To help facilitate bringing different artistic communities on Staten Island together, SICOLAB created the annual event BRIDGE THE GAP in Staten Island’s Alice Austin House, an artistic be-in reminiscient of the circa 1970’s hippie gatherings, showcasing art and music relevant to current day issues.

Geoff also hosts Open Film Night at local Staten Island watering hole, Martini Red, home of many local artists and musicians.  Open Film Night is a weekly exhibition (every wednesday at 930pm) of films, music, and comedy made by Staten Islanders, and to exhibit works that encourage artistic progress.


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