Vessels in the Village


Captain Ahab and the Sea Crackens – Surf Rock in the Shower

Rory and Matt were recording their EP at the Welfare Line, Joe Brancato’s recording studio in Pennsylvania, when they came up with this song. The Welfare line recorded local bands around the Philly hardcore scene, leaving traces of their recording sessions such as discarded lyrics on crumpled pieces of paper. Upon the discovery, Matt and Rory decided to use  lyrics from one of those sessions in a little sea shanty.

Andrew Philip Tipton – “I Wanna Be Your Friend”

At the time, I had done a few music videos for other local indie bands in Staten Island and wanted to push my skill at telling simple narratives through music videos. Andrew, who had moved to Staten Island a year prior, had seen some of my work and was very interested in collaborating on making a simple music video.

Honestly, because of my affinity for Andrew’s music, and after seeing what he was able to do with just a point and shoot digital camera, I was slightly intimidated that whatever I came up with would not be up to par. After a couple of preproduction meetings, I realized that what I may have lacked in filmmaking prowess, I made up in loving to work with people. Andrew’s willingness and openness to my desire for structure and plot, was wonderful. Not only were we able to see eye to eye very quickly, but was able to incorporate one of our principal actor’s (Annabelle Merola) ideas as well.

The idea was simple. Andrew came to me and said, “I want to do a music video with kids and something very straight-forward and simple.” After listening to the song, the first thought in my head was my friend Annabelle, whose charisma and childlike exuberence, was catalyst enough to want to shoot it in her school. Her principal and all the students were so generous in facilitating the music video.