Boy Genius “Old New England” Music Video

This video is being premeired on Magnet Magazine

Marisa Cerio of Boy Genius and I collaborated on a experimental music and art show by the Verrazano bridge a few years ago.  The first year I created an abstract narrative to play behind her band.  The next year, I curated an experimental film exhibiton bringing 8 filmmakers local and around NYC to screen.
Besides our affinity to off-color humor, creatively I loved working with her, Jason, Lisa, and Jeff on this music video.  I can’t stress how hard working, responsible and punctual people are appreciated.  In bringing the resources together in directing this video, it was a no-brainer to call on the services of director of photography Hugh Mackey.  It was the first video I shot on HD, and wanted to make sure that the DP had a good sense of what New England locales look like.  Hugh, originally from Ticonderoga, lent some great insight in bringing Boy Genius’ vision to fruition.


Kevin Devine on Beach St.

I was able to snag an impromptu performance from Kevin after his appearence at “midevenings with jay miller” and had a great time just talking about being a musician on staten island. He spoke about his gravitation to Dock street during the popularity of Monty Love, jay millers band a few years ago, and his first exposure to people with various different opinions from his own. He talked with great affection about coming home and performing in staten island and the nervousness to perform well for his hometown. He spoke of his perspective on how his music might be perceived as sad, but in his mind his music is just honest.

I couldn’t help but feel so comfortable with his candor. He was humble and gracious about his experiences. It was so much fun recording Kevin. It was a pleasure listening to him and his music and look forward to his future albums.